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Today's modern world is both fast-paced and highly demanding. Performers from all walks of life are expected to manage stress, while at the same time perform at their highest levels.


What is the Psychology of Elite Performance?

The word "elite" is defined as:

apostre   a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to
the rest of a group or society.   apostre

Source: www.oxforddictionaries.com

Recent research on mental toughness and performance psychology informs us that elite performers have superior mental qualities as compared to those who are not in many domains:

  • Business (Corporate Workplace)
  • Business (Sales & Marketing)
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Investing / Trading
  • Military
  • Performing Arts
  • Police
  • Sport

Steps to Mental Toughness


Take the online The Mental
Toughness Profile™


Consult with a Certified Mental
Toughness Coach


Apply the 5C's strategies to one's
performance situation

Mental Toughness Qualities: The 5C's

Elite performers are able to harness and apply specific psychological strategies that facilitate peak performances:

mental toughness

The Five C's Mental Toughness Development Model (Tham & Weigand, 2010)

The five mental toughness competencies highlighted here are:

1. Composure: Being calm and handling competitive pressure and anxiety,

2. Concentration: Focusing on what really matters without being distracted,

3. Confidence: Having self-belief and trust during stressful situations,

4. Cope-ability (aka Coping with Challenges): Handling mistakes and challenges through mental resilience, and

5. Cohesion: Possessing a team-oriented attitude and mindset.

Mental toughness has been found to change with time, experience, and across situations. As such, a long-term development approach is recommended to developing the "winning" mindset.